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The Series

Shoulders2Raven Diablo: Agent of Kali (The Series) follows the continuing adventures of Raven and her work as an agent/assassin with Xandra’s secret society. The primary setting for the series is Las Vegas.

Raven’s official job description is “prevention specialist”, a job which takes her all over the world. She’s a lone wolf and mainly works solo. However, she is sometimes assisted by other operatives. Xandra’s vast society is comprised of women of all ages, all races, and from all walks of life. Each member has a public life. But in private, the members work in secret to further their collective agenda. It’s a simple agenda; to destroy evil in all its forms. Toward this goal, more often than not, the end justifies the means.

As a prevention specialist, Raven faces a wide variety of villains. The worst of them make their home right in Las Vegas, and their evil knows no bounds.

The Kaviani Family

The Kaviani Family is an international criminal organization run by Sholeh and her brotherGaspar HIGH RES Gaspar. They are hybrid beings, part human and part demon. They are of royal Persian ancestry and are probably thousands of years old. They possess knowledge and abilities far beyond those of mortals. The Kavianis relocated to Las Vegas for three reasons; to avenge a death, to establish an American headquarters for their organization, and to initiate the Invocation. The Invocation is an ancient and arcane occult ritual designed to summon a horde of Sumerian demonic entities known as the Dalkhu.

Sholeh HIGH RESSholeh and Gaspar make their home in a black, high rise monolith filled with exotic treasures and terrifying “pets”. The evil tentacles of the Kaviani crime syndicate stretch all over the world. The Kavianis are renowned for their ruthlessness, and for this reason, they are particularly feared, even by other criminal organizations. They are not to be crossed.

In addition to her criminal activities, Sholeh is also a powerful sorceress and practitioner of the “dark arts”. Since moving to Las Vegas, she and her brother have discovered that Las Vegas is far more than just a perfect place to build a criminal empire. Las Vegas is in fact a magical location teeming with powerful, occult energies. Those with special knowledge and abilities can harness these energies and initiate astonishing transformations. With the help of the soon to be released Dalkhu, the Kavianis intend to transform Las Vegas into a demonic capital city.