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Raven Diablo


Introducing Raven Diablo.Raven4WordPress

She’s a new breed of hero, a magnificent butcher who blows through her enemies like a homicidal whirlwind. She is an avenging angel with the fury of a devil. She is possessed by a spirit of righteous rage. The predators who hide in the shadows will die by her hand. Stained with the blood of her victims, Raven is ruthless, merciless and fearless.

Raven Diablo is a weapon of judgment, trained by masters and sculpted to perfection. She is a murderous masterpiece unleashed. And the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

Now is her time.

Waging war on dark forces, Las Vegas is her battleground. And her slaughterhouse. Because Raven Diablo is a killer.

But no one dies who’s not supposed to.

Raven_Profile_Pic2Raven Diablo is an assassin; a lethal combination of James Bond, Bruce Lee, and Godzilla. She works on behalf of an international secret society of women who fight crime. Raven is human, but multi-talented in the extreme. She spent her formative years studying various disciplines with master teachers. In addition to possessing a genius level I.Q., Raven’s formidable skill set includes martial arts, weapons and tactics, gymnastics and dance, forensic science, and magic/escapology.

Raven is also a master of disguise, a talented seamstress (she makes her own “battlewear”), and an expert in Asian healing arts. She is the ultimate superhero, near perfect, except for one flaw. When her rage is unleashed, she becomes possessed.




                                               Raven Full Figure 2