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Whack City

Las Vegas. It’s the self proclaimed “Sin City”; big of tit, small of brain, oversexed, under cultured and hopelessly tacky. It’s a one factory town that produces weapons of mass distraction. And business has been booming for over sixty years. The most famous resident is a lady… the legendary Lady Luck. Naturally, she’s everybody’s dream date. Unfortunately, when it comes to making appearances, the bitch is a notorious no-show. But when she does show, she’s always right on time. And her very real existence is a constant reminder that in Las Vegas… Anything is possible.

The founding fathers of Las Vegas considered themselves businessmen. And though most of them lacked a formal education, they could have taught business in universities. Their curriculum would have included classes like extortion, loansharking, drug running, the sex trade, murder for hire… crime business. And because violence was an essential part of the way in which they conducted business, they were highly successful indeed.

These businessmen built both the city and the concept of Las Vegas. They built Las Vegas with their money and their mentality. Consider the implications. Las Vegas was constructed with the profits of criminal enterprise, money literally imprinted with fear, exploitation, violence and death. Sin City sparkles like a neon oasis in the desert, but that image is a mirage. The real Las Vegas is a dark and toxic town, built by ruthless predators with blood stained money. Las Vegas is most surely cursed, so… Anything is possible.

Whack City 2Las Vegas is the modern headquarters for a new and very different mob element. Criminal entrepreneurs, both human and demon, they lurk and work in the shadows. They are secretly advancing their sinister agenda, remaking Sin City into an international crime capital and the capstone of an evil pyramid. Many of the new mob are practitioners of dark, arcane arts. They well understand the astonishing occult significance of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city of sin, built on the most unlikely of locations… the holy ground of the desert. As a result, Sin City a uniquely spiritual destination. Las Vegas is a highly energized nexus where powerful, opposing forces collide… the profane and the sacred, the negative and the positive, the dark and the light. These forces collide and explode, and Las Vegas is the epicenter of an ongoing cosmic blast. The power of this blast blows a hole in the fabric we call “reality”. The result is the creation of inter-dimensional gates. This explains many of the supernatural occurrences for which Las Vegas is so legendary. A pathway enables explorers from other dimensions to enter our world, explorers like angels, demons, or the best example being the so-called extra-terrestrials. In plain terms, the entire city of Las Vegas is a door.

Like many explosions, the cosmic blast is accompanied by fallout. Las Vegas is saturated with fallout in the form of a powerful, supernatural energy called “Vegas Magic”. This strange energy manifests its power in many ways. It’s an aphrodisiac that stimulates the senses and heightens pleasure. It’s a tornado that dismantles the mind, making it difficult to think clearly and rationalize coherently. But most of all, Vegas Magic is a maximizer because it intensifies whatever it touches. Consider the implications.

People come to Las Vegas with hope. But they also come with addictive personalities, predatory mentalities and a host of other demons. Vegas Magic magnifies these demons and the results are usually disastrous. There’s a reason why Sin City is the crash and burn capital of the world. It’s called Vegas Magic.

Las Vegas is a dangerous place, especially for the weak. But for those with self control and personal power, Las Vegas is a place of enormous potential. Particularly for those with spiritual gifts and esoteric knowledge. Mystics, shaman and magicians tap into Vegas Magic and manipulate it. For them, Las Vegas is a supernatural palette on which to paint possibilities. The will is the wand.

Las Vegas is a city of sin built with blood money on holy ground. It’s a doorway to other dimensions. It’s a mystical cauldron brimming with magic. It’s the Disneyland of the damned.

Las Vegas is a place where literally… Anything is possible.

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